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Marina Garden Restaurant Tomatoes and meat


A generous portion served with our small Greek salad and our own special cucumber sauce.

Our Famous Gyro Plate

With onions and tomatoes with special sauces, served with french fries.



with onions and tomatoes and cucumber sauce

Deluxe Gyro Sandwich

Gyro Sandwich

Side of Gyro, with Onions & Tomato

Large variety of food & reasonably priced. "

                                                         - John Kruk

"Best Gyros In Town"





A Delicious Continental Specialty. Gyro is a lean blend of specialty selected portions of beef and lamb. It is lightly seasoned and cooked to sear the outside, so that the juice and flavor are sealed inside. Our Gyro meat is "cooked to order" on the Autodoner, which gives it that delicious "Charbroiled Flavor."

Served On Nutritious Pita Bread.

Prices subject to change